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st: RE: dialogs and the USER menu

From (James Hassell -- Stata Corporation)
Subject   st: RE: dialogs and the USER menu
Date   Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:15:28 -0600

>My query from Friday (below) went unanswered by both the
>user community and the StataCorp staffers who follow this list.
>From that, I presume then that the only semi-permanent way to
>install menu items is via Other suggestions are
>welcome, though.

Tom is correct. The only way to add menu items permanently is


. window menu append item "stUserData" "&My Dialog" "db newDialog"

You could add a similar command to Doing so will
instruct Stata to load that menu item at start up.

I am still looking into the issue with the -clear- command.
I will contact you privately when I have more information.

James Hassell -- Stata Corporation
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