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st: about bootstrapping

From   "Zang Hailing" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: about bootstrapping
Date   Tue, 4 Mar 2003 03:52:58 -0000

my dataset has data grouped in each hour for each day. I wish to randomly 
draw with replacement from each day the vector in say "hour1", for example,
in hour1 in Aug 1:
price quantity
1 10
2 30
3 35
4 40
etc. which looks like a "supply function".  I wish to draw the whole sequence 
in the particular hour instead of a point. i.e., I wish to draw such 
a "supply function" randomly from each day of August in "hour1", then 
estimate the slope. For example, it may randomly draw from Aug2 the hour1, or 
may randomly draw from Aug 15 the hour1. Repeat B times and get the mean of 
the slope. 

How can I draw the whole sequence in a particular hour? 

Thanks a lot!

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