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st: Re: by-graph

From   Itsik Dvir <>
Subject   st: Re: by-graph
Date   Sun, 02 Mar 2003 17:25:10 +0200

Tom Steichen and Stata-list users 
Thanks for the advice and the code by Tom Steichen. It plots all scatter data on a single graph.
However, I was interested in combining these groups on 4 separate graphs as by-graph does: one for each group and one for all data.
So, based on Tom's code and the STATA command "gr combine" and "saving" it was doable.
The code is given bellow:

twoway (scatter y x if group==1) (lfit y x if group==1) , saving(group1) ytitle("") xtitle("") legend(off) note("") ylabel(0(.1)1) xlabel(0(.1)1, nolabels) title("group1", box bexpand)) ysize(4) xsize(4)

twoway (scatter y x if group==2) (lfit y x if group==2) , saving(group2) ytitle("") xtitle("") legend(off) note("")  ylabel(0(.1)1, nolabels) xlabel(0(.1)1, nolabels) title("group2", box bexpand)) ysize(4) xsize(4)

twoway (scatter y x if group==3) (lfit y x if group==3), saving(group3) legend(off) note("") ytitle("") xtitle("") ylabel(0(.1)1) xlabel(0(.1)1) title("group3", box bexpand) ysize(4) xsize(4)

twoway (scatter y x) (lfit y x ), saving(group) legend(off) note("") ytitle("") xtitle("") ylabel(0(.1)1, nolabels) xlabel(0(.1)1) title("All", box bexpand)) ysize(4) xsize(4)

gr combine group1.gph group2.gph group3.gph group.gph, l2title(" y ") b2title(" x ") ysize(4) xsize(4)

I think there is a simpler way to deal with the xlabel and ylabel using the "ycommon" and "xcommon" options of the gr_combine command, but I have not tried it, yet.
Many thanks for the help

Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 15:33:42 -0500
From: "Steichen, Thomas" <>
Subject: st: RE: by-graph

Itsik Dvir writes:

> I want to make the two changes in the following by-graph command
> twoway (scatter y x ) (lfit y x ) , by(group, total  )
> suppose group contains three subsets of the data.
> 1. eliminate the fitted line in just one individual graph,
> while still displaying the scatter x-y data.
> 2. change the default title of the total graph ("Total") to say "All" ..
> Can anyone give an advice?

You would need to manually create the parts. The following assumes
groups have numerical values 1, 2 and 3 and group 3 does not need
the fitted line (but is not tested!):

 twoway (scatter y x, if group==1) (lfit y x, if group==1) ///
        (scatter y x, if group==2) (lfit y x, if group==2) ///
        (scatter y x, if group==3)                         ///
        (scatter y x)              (lfit y x)              ///
  legend(label(1 "Group 1 data")   label(2 "Group 1 fit")  ///
         label(3 "Group 2 data")   label(4 "Group 2 fit")  ///
         label(5 "Group 3 data")                           ///
         label(6 "All data")       label(7 "All fit") )

You likely would want to name these better and would have to
play around with symbol and line colors. 


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