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st: one-sample chi square test

From   "Wendell Joice" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: one-sample chi square test
Date   Wed, 29 Jan 2003 12:20:24 -0500

Dear Statalist,
I am using stata 7: I cannot seem to find a command for one-sample chi
square tests for nominal data. I see the chi square 'functions' as well as
two-sample chi square tests in 'tabulate', but 'tabulate' won't provide a
one-sample chi square.

1. Specifically, I have a sample of 2700 people and have them categorized by
a number of  variables such as insurance type (4 categories), race (3
categories), drug class (4 categories), etc etc. For each of these
variables, I want to test hypotheses that the sample is equally distributed
across the categories (expected frequencies are equal). What is the command
I should use? I saw an ado command 'chi2' (I think) but it was not clear how
to use it.

2. Also, suppose, for example, I 'tabulate' a 3-category variable with a
4-category variable (all unordered categories) and get a significant
chi-square for the resulting 3x4 table.  For exploratory reasons, I want to
test each of the rows using a one-sample test so that I can get a better
idea of the specific location of the significance in the table. Does anyone
know of a command that will automatically test and produce a 'p' value for
each row (that is, a single command as opposed to me running a separate
one-sample test for each row)?.

Wendell Joice

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