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st: autolog utility to automate log files

From   Ian Watson <>
Subject   st: autolog utility to automate log files
Date   Thu, 19 Dec 2002 12:28:33 +1100

Dear statalist,

Kit Baum has kindly placed -autolog- on the ssc archives. This is a
small utility which is designed for use in Stata's
file (though it can be used interactively if desired). I emailed some
code for an earlier version of this directly to the statalist some
time ago, but thought it worth doing it more formally, with help file

-autolog- causes a dialogue box to pop up every time Stata starts
and prompts the user for a filename for the log file. This allows
the user to easily enter project filenames depending on what analysis
is underway. autolog is also designed to overcome the common 
frustration of forgetting to send output to a log file at the 
start of a session.

The utility can be installed from within Stata using

ssc install autolog

or downloaded from my web site:


Ian Watson
Senior Researcher
(Australian Centre for Industrial
Relations Research and Training)
University of Sydney
NSW   20006

  Phone: 9351 5622
    Fax: 9351 5615

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