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st: Latest update to Latab

From   Ian Watson <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: Latest update to Latab
Date   Wed, 18 Dec 2002 07:50:38 +1100

Dear statalist,

Kit Baum has kindly placed the latest version of -latab- on the ssc

-latab- produces LaTeX code from Stata's -tabulate- command.
The user may then copy from this display (or copy from a
log file) and paste into a LaTeX document. In addition, the 
user may also send the output to a file which can be read into
a LaTeX document when it is compiled.

The output to a file is a new option, done with tf(filename). There
are also a few minor improvements in the LaTeX syntax, notably
spanning columns for the table footnote.

The most important change for someone who is already using -latab- is
the addition of a number to the tx (tabular x) option. Previously this
always defaulted to \linewidth as the width of the table, but now the
user can specify this. (tx(10) produces 10cm, tx(8) produces 8cm, and
so on.) To get \linewidth as the width, enter 0 ie. tx(0).

-latab- can be installed from within Stata using:

ssc install latab, replace

or downloaded from my web page:


Ian Watson
Senior Researcher
Australian Centre for Industrial
Relations Research and Training
University of Sydney

Phone: 02 9351 5622

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