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st: graph problem: combined graph?

From   Hung-Jen Wang <>
Subject   st: graph problem: combined graph?
Date   Mon, 16 Dec 2002 18:58:15 +0800


I'd like to know whether its possible to draw a scatter plot with
both point-to-point connections and cubic splines.

To illustrate the problem, consider the following data.

---------- data begin -----------
input y  x
     0.5 1
     0.1 2
     0.2 3
     0.7 4
     0.9 5
     0.4 6
     0.3 7
     0.7 8
     0.5 9
     0.2 10
---------- data end --------------

The following command draws the graph with each points of y
connected together.

   graph y x, c(l) s(o)

I can also draw the graph with cubic splines to show the
"tendencies" of y. This is done using the -bands()- option.

   graph y x, c(s) s(o) bands(4)

My problem: I would like to have a "combined" graph with one of
the above graphs superimposes onto the other. That is, I want to
have a graph that shows both kinds of lines: point-to-point
connections, and the cubic splines.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Many thanks.


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