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Re: st: Elementary question

From   Richard Goldstein <>
Subject   Re: st: Elementary question
Date   Thu, 05 Dec 2002 15:16:16 -0500

searching on "transpose" finds the -xpose- command

Rich Goldstein

"Wallace, John" wrote:
> This sounds like a FAQ to me, but a quick look around didn't show me
> anything, so please redirect me if its covered somewhere...
> I have a 22,000 row x 50 column flat datasheet (Excel format) that I'd like
> to "transpose" so that rows become columns and vice versa.  Excel clearly
> can't do it, and I'm certain that it would be simple to do it in stata - but
> I can't find an appropriate command.  I thought -reshape- would be the one,
> but the syntax for it seems more complex than would be necessary. Note-I
> already saved it as a tab-delimited text file and imported it using
> -insheet-.
> Also, when I bring the dataset into stata, the column headers are changed
> from the category names to v2, v3, v4, etc.  I tried to use -insheet using
> filename.txt, names-.  This resulted in one category (with a string name)
> getting the correct header, but all the other categories (which had numeric
> titles) were still called v2, v3 and so on.
> Any advice?
> John Wallace
> Research Associate
> Affymetrix, Inc
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