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st: string variables

From   "Katsuhide Isa" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: string variables
Date   Thu, 5 Dec 2002 19:24:36 +0900


I have a problem with string variables.
While converting CSV data into dta data using Stata 
Transfer, several integer variables were accidentally 
converted into string ones(as they happen to contain 
no response, it might be a cause)
These string variables can't be used with such 
commands as -generate-, -rename-, or -forvalues-, 
which causes some trouble in the subsequent data 
So, my questions are following:

1.Why does this kind of phenomenon occur in Stata 
2. Is it possible to convert the type of the string 
variables without changing the original order of variables?
Creating new variables in the last columns using -real( )- 
function could be a second best solution. 
But I'd like to, if possible, avoid this method.
I'd like to retain the whole variables(even if some of them 
contain no response) for some reason.

Any suggestions welcome.
Thanks in advance.


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