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st: Picking from a matrix

Subject   st: Picking from a matrix
Date   Thu, 28 Nov 2002 09:37:40 -0500

This is not a follow-up to the SAS vs Stata thread, although it may end up
that way :-)

I have two files, say File A and File B.

File A is set for survival analysis with multiple records per individual.
Among others, it contains three variables: Year, Age and Area. File B
contains annual aggregated data that describe some higher level
characteristic that I want to use as a regressor. Each line of B refers to a
calendar year, each column of B to age (in year) within one area. The value
of the regressor, for each record, is the element (Year-1, Age in Area) in
File B. I want to copy the appropriate value from B to the the appropriate
line of the regressor column in A.

File A should be well over 200,000 lines with roughly 30 columns. File B
should be 55 by 770.

How do I do that using Stata? More generally, are there references on data
manipulation using Stata?

Benoit Laplante, Ph.D.
Centre interuniversitaire d'etudes demographiques
INRS-Urbanisation, Culture et Societe
Montreal Qc, CANADA

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