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From   "Ed Bassin, Ph.D." <>
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Subject   RE: st: STATA Vs. SAS
Date   Thu, 28 Nov 2002 05:52:51 -0500

I wouldn't personally rather spend the money, but when I talk with a
corporate IT department, they put a cost amount on supporting the second
product.  They tend to gloss over the complexity of the second product and
get scared that it's going to take time/effort/money.  (My company sells
software that includes Stata and DBMS/Copy.)

Ironically, I think if the second product were embedded in the first, e.g.,
a Stata Plus version with Stat-Transfer embedded and not so labeled, many
would be willing to pay more than the combined price of the two
applications.   The logic would be that there is a single vendor supporting
the application, one piece of software to install (and move when they put it
on another machine), etc.

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Subject: RE: st: STATA Vs. SAS

At 06:36 PM 11/27/2002 -0500, Ed Bassin wrote:

>Database connectivity, or the lack of it, is one of the biggest barriers
>that I face bringing Stata into corporate environments.... The performance
>is very good, better than infile.  However, the fact that you need another
>piece of software is a major turnoff in most companies.

I don't quite understand this.  You would rather pay thousands of dollars
every year for an extra cost database connectivity component from SAS
rather than pay $300 once for a data transfer program.  What am I missing?



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