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From   Fred Wolfe <>
Subject   RE: st: STATA Vs. SAS
Date   Wed, 27 Nov 2002 12:32:19 -0600

One reason I don't use SAS is that I find data base management much easier in Stata than in SAS.

For us to tell you about limitations because of size, you'd have tell us just how big a "pretty big" database is. However size is rarely a problem in Stata, particularly for the type of analyses you indicate.

Fred Wolfe

At 01:17 PM 11/27/2002 -0500, you wrote:

Thank you very much, guys.

We are going to use the software (SAS or STATA) against a db2 database whose
serve resides on a linux box. The database is pretty big. Our statistical
analysis is going be simple. Most of the time, we only do the freqency
distribution and logistic regression (both conditional and unconditional).
Hope this will help you guys to help me out.


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From: Nick Cox []
Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2002 1:01 PM
Subject: RE: st: STATA Vs. SAS

Laurel A Copeland, among many other comments, wrote

> I find SAS much better for data management.  There are many ways to
> approach each coding task; code can be optimized for
> readability/teachability, or for brevity, or for
> conservation of space or CPU time.

and Richard Herrell similarly wrote

> I continue to find Stata frustrating for data
> management and prefer SAS's data step
> capabilities.

I think Stata's developers (and at least one user-programmer)
would like to see specific suggestions of what
is easier to do in SAS, to help influence
the agenda.

Sometimes -- but not always -- it turns out
that the facilities exist; it is just not
transparent how to use them.


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