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st: Update to Decomp to support weights

From   Ian Watson <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: Update to Decomp to support weights
Date   Tue, 26 Nov 2002 07:13:06 +1100

Dear Statalist,

  An update to support weights for -decomp- will soon be available for
  download from the ssc archives.

  -decomp- is a program for producing Blinder-Oaxaco decomposition
  results, typically from earnings equations. The help file
  (decomp.hlp) explains the method in detail.

  The program -decomp- consists of four files:

  and they can be downloaded from ssc archives by typing:
     ssc install decomp

  To check on your version of decomp you can just type:
     which decomp
  To which you should receive (after installing the update):
     *! version 1.4 26 November 2002 - added weighting


Ian Watson
Senior Researcher
Australian Centre for Industrial
Relations Research and Training
University of Sydney

Phone: 02 9351 5622

*   For searches and help try:

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