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st: Profile Plots of Cluster Solution - How to?

From   "Timothy W. Victor" <>
Subject   st: Profile Plots of Cluster Solution - How to?
Date   Fri, 22 Nov 2002 23:35:04 -0500

This should be easy but I've been working at it for three days now and can't find the solution. What I am trying to do is simply plot the profiles for 5 cluster solution. All I want to do is plot each cluster mean (and error bar) for each attribute in the same graph. Oddly, doing this in SAS is only a few lines after transposing the data:

symbol i=std1mjt;
proc gplot data=plotme;
plot value * attribute = cluster / haxis=axis1 vaxis=axis2 frame;

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Tim Victor
Policy Research, Evaluation, and Measurement
Psychology in Education Division
Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania

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