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st: problem referencing certain characters

Subject   st: problem referencing certain characters
Date   Thu, 21 Nov 2002 16:30:22 -0500

I am writing a program to clean up some data and I wish to delete certain
characters from my data.  I have been using the subinstr command with the
following syntax:
     replace `var' = subinstr(`var',"(removed character)","",.);
This works exactly as I intend, except for the double quotes character (")
and the question mark (?).  I referenced the stata manual and although the
issue is addressed, their solution does not seem to work for me.  They say
to use the compound double quotes (`" "').  But doing so makes no
difference for me.  Stata still is unable to correctly read the following
     replace `var' = subinstr(`var',`"""',"",.);
     replace `var' = subinstr(`var',"?","",.);
I have no idea why it wont work for the question mark either.
If anyone has experienced similar problems or knows of a solution, please
Thank you,

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