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st: Re: bootstrapping (statalist-digest V4 #1075)

Subject   st: Re: bootstrapping (statalist-digest V4 #1075)
Date   Thu, 21 Nov 2002 09:59:19 +0100


The number of values that can be -post-ed (ie. number of items in your 
`topost' local macro) depends on the current -matsize- (that's documented 
somewhere, but don't ask me where...) 

Not sure this is causing the error you get (but fairly likely I guess): 
just -set matsize xxx- before running your program, where xxx is larger 
than your current value.

Hope this helps,


Philippe Van Kerm
Research Associate 
BP48, L-4501 Differdange, Luxembourg

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The digest contains:

 st: RE: boostrapping

Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 19:56:18 -0000
From: "Nick Cox" <>
Subject: st: RE: boostrapping

Eva Rueckert
> I am trying to bootstrap a decomposition using the syntax outlined 
> in the stata manual. I want to bootstrap the whole decomposition 
> procedure which includes the running of some regressions. The 
> beginning of my file looks as follows:
> program define jmp
>                version 7.0
>                if "`1'"=="?" {
>                                global S_1 "com1 com2 com3 com4"
>                                exit
> }
> tempname jmp
> global list1 "educb educc educd educe educf marr childreny 
> childreno ten tensq exp expsq occupa occupb occupc occupd 
> occupe occupf occupg occuph indc indd indef indg indh indi indj 
> indk indl indm indn indo  Harjumaa West Sothcntl Nrthcntl South 
> ethnic" 
> local year "94 99"
> foreach yr of local year {
>                reg lnwge $list1 if year==`yr' & gender==1
>                gen fesample_`yr'=e(sample)==1
>                /*and so on*/
> post `1' `topost'
> end
> the file does not run and the return message is:
>  use "P:\panel.dta", clear
> . set seed 10001
> . bstrap jmp, reps(1)
> (obs=19210)
> too many variables specified
> r(103);
> now my question: does the r(103) refer to the variables I have 
> specified in my global list1? And if so, is there something 
> i can do 
> to extend the number of variables?

This is a bit difficult to debug in the absence 
of part of the program. You could 

. set trace on 

and see where it all blows up. 


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