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st: Mixed effects or GEE?

From   Mike Schmader <>
Subject   st: Mixed effects or GEE?
Date   Tue, 12 Nov 2002 06:17:24 -0800 (PST)

Dear listers,

I am confused about the differences between random
effects mixed effects and GEE models.

I am looking at prescribing patterens of dentists.  My
outcome variable will be % of prescriptions written
for antibiotics at baseline (t=0), 3 months (t=1), 6
months (t=2) and 12 months (t=3) post initiation of
intervention mailings (educational material). 
Dentists were randomly assigned to intervention
groups: group 1- "no intervention"; group 2- "low
level of intervention"; group 3 -"high level of

I will be analyzing this data with panel techniques
but I am not sure whether I should use GEE, random
effects, or mixed effects models.  I will be using
dentist ID as my clustering variable and indicator
variables for level of intervention.  Can anyone point
me in the right direction as to the main differences
in these techniques as I have not used these methods

Thank you in advance.


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