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st: svytotal output in fixed format

From   Suzanne Graden <>
Subject   st: svytotal output in fixed format
Date   Tue, 05 Nov 2002 11:07:02 -0600

Good day.

In my analysis using svy commands (svytotal), I need estimates and confidence intervals with fixed format precision instead of the general format which results in the estimates and ci displayed in scientific notation.

I have been able to display the point estimate using "matrix list e(est), format()" but I need help to obtain the upper and lower confidence limits. When I use "estimates list" the confidence limits do not seem to be stored. Is this correct or am I overlooking something? I tried to calculate the confidence limits by first using the "svmat" command to change the e(V_ds) to a variable and then formatted the variable using format(), but the result was still displayed in scientific notation. What is the best way to obtain the confidence limits displayed in fixed format when using svy commands that do not allow the user to adjust the table cell size?

Your time and help are appreciated.

Suzanne Graden

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