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st: RE: misnaming the "Open" button as "Save" when opening an existinglog file

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: misnaming the "Open" button as "Save" when opening an existinglog file
Date   Mon, 4 Nov 2002 18:22:11 -0000

Edmond Ng
> Just wondering any of you might have noticed the following 
> "misnomer" in Stata 7.0. When I click on the [Begin Log] 
> button in the menu bar to open an existing log file, a 
> dialog box comes up for the user to choose a file to be 
> opened. Rather confusingly, the button that is meant for 
> opening the selected log file says [Save] instead of open. 
> It is fine for me because I see the connection for calling 
> it "Save" but it is not obvious to students who are 
> learning the software for the first time.
> Just wondering if anyone has had this experience and if 
> Stata had any plan of renaming the button. 
You don't say what platform you are working on, but 
under Windows my impression is that this jargon is 
standard Windows jargon for this operation: 
compare other applications. Whether the words are well 
or ill chosen, Stata understandably 
follows Windows conventions here. Using idiosyncratic terminology 
would, in my view, make Stata less clear to beginners, 
not more. 

In other words, the linguistic lesson should go to 
a different President Bill G.... 

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