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st: Re: wretched winmail

From   baum <>
Subject   st: Re: wretched winmail
Date   Fri, 01 Nov 2002 08:13:56 -0500

--On Friday, November 1, 2002 2:33 -0500 Rodrigo wrote:

I really appreciate if the upset
people with this can find me a solution because I will not want to be
filtered from the list. I always try to do the things according to the
rules established in this list but this one I canīt controlle with my
Outlook knowledge and the procedures already recommenden by the members
of the list. Thanks.


begin 666 winmail.dat
M>)\^(@(0`0:0" `$```````!``$``0>0!@`(````Y 0```````#H``$(@ <`
M& ```$E032Y-:6-R;W-O9G0@36%I;"Y.;W1E`#$(`0V ! `"`````@`"``$&
M@ ,`#@```-('"@`?``H`*0````0`.0$!`Y &`( &```F````"P`"``$````+
M`",```````,`)@``````"P`I```````#`#8``````!X`< `!````# ```'=I
M``(!'0P!````&P```%--5% Z4D)224-%3D] 4T%.24=%4U0N0T]-```+``$.
M`````$ `!@X`=AM+_(#"`0(!"@X!````& ````````")+Y"NJ1[-3ZR)BEE4
M#VJTXH(```,`% X!````"P`?#@$````"`0D0`0```%L"``!7`@``0@,``$Q:
M1G5D&"?7`P`*`')C<&<Q,C7B,@-#=&5X!4$!`P'W3PJ `J0#XP(`8V@*P'/P
How about using a different mail client? Anything not produced by Microsoft will avoid this problem--Eudora, Pine, various free Web-based mailers... Obviously a pain to use multiple mail clients, but if the one you're stuck with is so inflexible that it cannot be configured to your preferences, it may be the only answer. I read the digest (thankfully in a client that does not get upset by the winjunk), so I see these things.


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