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st: RE: about stacked mean bar chart

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: about stacked mean bar chart
Date   Fri, 1 Nov 2002 09:52:18 -0000

Xiaoqu Luo
> I want to creat stacked bar chart where each bar stands for 
> the mean of a variable. I tried using "graph v1 v2 v3, bar 
> means by (v4) stack" to produce this but STATA said that it 
> was invalid. It looks like "stack" cannot be used with 
> means (i.e. "stack" option can only have the bar to 
> represent counts). Do you have any idea to do  stacked bar 
> chart on mean?

I guess that -graph, bar- was written with 
the notion that people might want to stack 
totals, but not means. 

One work-around would be as follows: 

1. Create variables which are means
and give them the same variable labels as
the originals:  

foreach v of var v1 v2 v3 { 
	bysort v4 : egen mean`v' = mean(`v') 
	_crcslbl mean`v' `v' 

2. Select just one observation from each 

	egen tag = tag(v4) 

3. Draw the graph 

	graph meanv1 meanv2 mean3 if tag, bar stack 

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