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Re: st: RE: Re: Winmail.dat

From (Philippe Glaziou)
Subject   Re: st: RE: Re: Winmail.dat
Date   Fri, 1 Nov 2002 10:13:34 +0700

Thomas Steichen and Rodrigo Briceņo wrote on Outlook features:
> I would fix it if I could... but I cannot.  So please try
> to understand that it is the technology we are using that
> is causing these problems and not an intent to ignore the
> lowest-common-denominator technological standards of the
> list.

A common misconception is that this and other lists requirements 
are set according to a supposed lowest-common-denominator of
technological standards. 

I am afraid that you are rather stuck with flawed technology. One
could possibly imagine that given a large enough number of 
dissatisfied users, your sysadmin might open up his eyes. And if not,
then why not use a private account and a decent mail user agent?

This is nothing personal, but I imagine not being alone to be
bothered with winmail attachements and other obscure features that 
are not desirable, as clearly stated in the list's FAQ. 


Philippe Glaziou <>
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