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st: RE: RE: Re: Winmail.dat

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Re: Winmail.dat
Date   Thu, 31 Oct 2002 17:13:05 -0000

Briefly, I'll echo the common theme that while 
1. attachments are a nuisance to many 
and as such deprecated by the list
(N.B. also virus implications, and a desire to 
keep messages short) 

2. in practice, some members find it 
difficult, for corporate or technical 
reasons, to avoid sending them. 

While these issues have been aired many 
times, neither will they go away. 

In the particular case of winmail.dat, 
and MS Outlook at least, I have found -- 
as a variation on Nick Winter's suggestion -- 
that if you receive a Statalist message with winmail.dat attached, 
and wish to reply, then do not do so directly.
You are all too likely to find that the mailjunk 
is attached to your reply. Copy and paste the original 
text into a new post, and add your reply. That's a small pain, 
and better solutions would be welcome (modulo
changing to Unix or Macintosh, not a universal 

Having said that, I'm not aware that there are valid 
reasons for sending text in HTML or MIME-encoded, 
which are also deprecated. 

To see your posts in the way that many people 
see them, look at the archives! You may get 
a surprise. 

Finally, an appeal to self-interest: 

I know from private exchanges and infer 
from some public comments that several 
Statalisters who answer many questions 
discriminate against questions which 
are sent with mailjunk attached 
or embedded (attachments, .vcf, winmail.
dat, HTML, MIME). In some cases, they 
have no choice, as to them raw HTML
or MIME-encoded text is totally 
unreadable or too much of an effort 
to be worth their time. In short, 
if you don't follow the rules, not 
only may you get some flak, it is 
much less likely that your question 
will be answered. 


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