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st: Utility for Changing Directories

From   "Nick Winter" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Utility for Changing Directories
Date   Mon, 28 Oct 2002 14:14:11 -0500

Thanks to Kit Baum, my utility -c.ado- is now available from the SSC
archives.  It is stored in a package calls 'fastcd', because a package
name of 'c' causes problems.  So, to find out more, type

	. ssc desc fastcd

or to install, type

	. ssc inst fastcd

This utility facilitates changing to frequently-used directories within
Stata.  The program allows you to associate short mnemonic codes with
directory paths, and change to a directory simply by typing, for

	. c myproj

rather than typing, for example, 

	. cd "C:\My Data\annoyingly\long\directory\path\name\myproj"

Typing "c" by itself on the command line lists the database of mnemonic
codes and their associated directories...and, as a special bonus, the
mnemonics are listed in blue, meaning you can click on one to change to
that directory.

The program should work on non-Windows systems, but I've boxed up my
home iMac to make way for a baby nurshery, so I couldn't test it to be
absolutely sure.  Therefore, I'd especially appreciate any feedback,
especially from *nix or Mac users.
Nick Winter

 Nicholas Winter, Ph.D.                     P 202.939.5343
 Policy Studies Associates                  F 202.939.5732
 1718 Connecticut Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20009-1148 
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