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st: Re: statalist-digest V4 #1048

Subject   st: Re: statalist-digest V4 #1048
Date   Fri, 25 Oct 2002 15:26:19 -0400

I need some help on obtaining predicted values  after estimating  a survival
model (e.g. st streg, dist(weibull)).

My model is h(t)=h0exp(a*Water+b*income). My analysis has two steps (1) estimate
the model using streg,
(2) get predicted survival function.

 I want to assess the impact of water (1=has access to safewater, 0=not), and I
can do this using
stcurve, surv  at1(water=1) at2(water=0),  - the two survival curves generated
imply  that the income is held at the sample mean, which is what I wanted.

The question is that I  need to have the actual numbers of the two survival
curves  for my following analysis. Does Stata have a command for retrieving
these survival probabilities?   Please advice, Thanks


Limin Wang

Room: MC5-208
Telephone: (202)-4737596

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