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Subject: Re: st: MAC crash despite 40000 KB

From   "Shannon Driver" <>
To   "statalist" <>
Subject   Subject: Re: st: MAC crash despite 40000 KB
Date   Wed, 23 Oct 2002 16:07:11 -0500

> And now I am running into another problem. I have been suffering from MAC
> crashes (error Type 11 most of the time, sometimes 2 pops up) when I try
> update, download stbs, etc., even though I have increased the memory so
> that Stata has 39,738,912 bytes to work with.  There is basically nothing
> in the memory except for the initial programs, requiring 432 bytes.  How
> much does STATA actually need? I can continue to increase the memory, but
> am wondering if anything else could be wrong. I have STATA 6.0, and have
> not added anything new, since I just started working with STATA now.

Make sure you have the latest executable and ado-files (check  Stata for the Macintosh's Internet
functionality was written as a shared library.  It's very important that you
have the latest ado-files since that's how the shared library is updated.

The other thing to try is to use the Exensions Manager (or a 3rd party
equivalent) and enable only the base extensions and control panels that the
Mac shipped with to make sure it's not a conflict with a 3rd party extension
or control panel.

If it's only the Internet functionality that is affected, then it's probably
conflict with the shared library.  If that's the case, the amount of memory
allocated to Stata has no effect since the part of that memory that is
allocated to the Macintosh interface is a fixed amount.  Regardless, a
shortage of memory should not ever cause a crash.

-Chinh Nguyen

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