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st: svmat and mkmat

Subject   st: svmat and mkmat
Date   Fri, 18 Oct 2002 14:10:59 +0100

Hello statalisters, 

I have a do file set up which includes the following commands.
Please note $year1, $year2 and $siteterm are predetermined

use S:\stata\registration_stata.dta, clear

	keep if year>=$year1 
	keep if year<=$year2
	keep if sex==1
	keep if siteterm=="$siteterm"

	drop icdcode sex ha siteterm network

	sort year

	collapse (sum)  age0 ages1to4 ages5to9 ages10to14 ages15to19
ages20to24 ages25to29 ages30to34 ages35to39 ages40to44 ages45to49 ages50to54
ages55to59 ages60to64 ages65to69 ages70to74 ages75to79 ages80to84 ages85plus
total , by(year)

	xpose, clear varname

	cd "S:\stata\"

Please imagine that year1 was specified as 1996 and year2 specified as 1998,
then we would be left with a dataset as follows


and I wish to save this as a matrix using

mkmat v1 v2 v3, matrix(males)

giving us a matrix labelled males:

1996	1997	1998
65	55	55
51	42	53
46	43	49

My problem is year1 and year2 can take any value form 1979 to 2000 and thus
the command line above would obviously only keep the first three specified
years.   For example running all of the above for year1=1987 and year2=1993
would give us a dataset as follows. 


But leaves a matrix labelled males as:

1987	1988	1989
65	49	42
44	40	40
41	30	29

Does anybody have any ideas what I could use instead of the "v1 v2 v3" to
cover any eventuality.

Thank you for your time,

Christopher D Fergusson 

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