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st: graph size

From   Finne Håkon <>
Subject   st: graph size
Date   Mon, 14 Oct 2002 09:38:31 +0200

Dear statalisters,

-graph using x.gph- does not display the graph with the aspect ratio
(xsize() ysize()) with which the x.gph file was produced, but with the 6x4
default size of Stata. I am using Intercooled Stata 7 for Windows born 11
Jun 2002. This bug has entered after the initial release of Stata 7.
However, running the initial release on graphs produced with more recent
releases produces an error message to the effect that the graph format has
changed and a newer version of Stata is required to display the graph.

Is this behavior specific to the Windows version? Any workarounds (apart
from issuing commands such as -graph using x.gph, ysize(3.38777423)- )?

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