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RE: st: Re: stability tests (fwd)

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Re: stability tests (fwd)
Date   Fri, 11 Oct 2002 15:36:35 +0100

Kit Baum forwarded a message from Pauline Rogers
> The error 'and' actually refers to a problem in 
> reading/finding temporary
> files.  I had this message last week and referred it to 
> Stata Corp help
> desk.  The answer is to refer to all temporary files as 
> "`temp'" not `temp'
> for example:
> tempfile temp
> save "`temp'"
> I am working under windows 2000 and it is something to do with the
> operating system not recognizing embedded blanks.

and added 
> It appears that -hansen- is making use of tempfiles in a 
> way that one would 
> now code as 'preserve' and 'restore'. Some modifications to 
> hansen.ado 
> could deal with the issue of embedded blanks in the 
> filenames, but this 
> method of using tempfiles is probably much less desirable 
> than using 
> preserve/restore (which will, for instance, restore the 
> original data if 
> the routine aborts, or the user hits break).
> It would seem that a temporary fix for the use of -hansen- 
> (and other 
> elements of the time series library) could be had by 
> avoiding spaces in 
> filenames (which probably include directory names as well), 
> or by avoiding 
> Windows 2000 (an option sadly absent from many users' choice set).

I am not a great fan of Windows, but the issue if there 
is one is more that a Stata user-programmer was not 
aware in 1994 that later Windows versions would allow 
filenames with spaces, so some programs need fixes. 
In other words, 

1. Recent Windows versions allow spaces within filenames. 

2. Given 

save token1 token2 ... 

Stata expects token1 to be a filename and token2 to be 
a comma. This raises the question of what is a token, 

"filename containing spaces" 

counts as one, as the quotes bind tighter than 
the spaces separate. 


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