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st: RE: string function

From   "Nick Winter" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: string function
Date   Thu, 10 Oct 2002 10:28:28 -0400

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> From: Lee Chuntao [] 
> Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2002 9:15 AM
> To:
> Subject: st: string function
> Hi, listers
>      A piece of cake for you all but urgent for me. I wonder 
> if there is
> some function that can find how many times a character 
> occured in a string,
> i.e., suppose the function is string1(), so that,
>      string1("abcd","a" )=1
>      string1("abac","a" )=2
>      string1("a/b/c","/" )=2
>      string1("abcd","/" )=0
> thanks in advance
> Chuntao

If you have the string in a local macro, you can use the macro extended
function subinstr to get this:

	local x "a/b/cdef/ghi"
	local x : subinstr local x "/" "/" , all count(local n)
	display `n'

How this works:  The construct

	local x : subinstr local y "from" "to" , all count(local n)

will take the local macro -y-, change occurrences of the string "from"
to the string "to", put the result in the macro -x-, and will put the
count of the number of changes in the local macro -n-.

Since you don't want to change your string--you only want the count--the
construction I listed above will take the local -x-, replace all the
slashes slashes, and put the result back in local -x-.  In other words,
it will not change x.  But it will put the count you want in the local

If you have a string variable, and you want to count the number of times
your target string appears in each observation, then the following
-egen- program will do the trick.  Save the code below as _gnoccur.ado
on your adopath.  Syntax is:

	egen newvar = noccur(stringvar) , String("/")

--Nick Winter

**** BEGIN _gnoccur.ado 
program define _gnoccur
	version 7

	gettoken type 0 : 0
	gettoken g    0 : 0
	gettoken eqs  0 : 0

	syntax varlist(min=1 max=1 string) [if] [in] , String(string)

	local size = length(`"`string'"')
	tempvar new pos count
	qui {
		gen str1 `new'=""
		replace `new'=`varlist'
		gen `count'=0
		gen `pos' = index(`new',`"`string'"')
		capture assert `pos'==0
		while _rc {
			replace `count'=`count'+(`pos'!=0)
			replace `new'=substr(`new',`pos'+`size',.)
			replace `pos' = index(`new',`"`string'"')
			capture assert `pos'==0

		gen `type' `g' = `count' `if' `in'


********** END OF _gnoccur.ado

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