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st: Announcement: do-files for GEE text

From   "James Hardin" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Announcement: do-files for GEE text
Date   Tue, 8 Oct 2002 12:13:09 -0500

List members,

I have received several requests for do-files that were
used to generate all of the Stata output in Generalized
Estimating Equations by Hardin and Hilbe (check the Books
on Statistics section of the Stata bookstore for a 
description).  Since there have been so many requests, I
am posting this announcement; I trust this does not
violate proper list etiquette since all of the requests
originate from Stata users.

I have collected all of the do-files and datasets in a 
zip archive available for download from:

The archive contains a separate do-file for each of the 
four chapters.  Since we used Stata for the vast majority
of examples, the included programs will generate
nearly all of the output in the book.  The do-files
are organized so that code for each example output 
is self-contained; pieces of code can be easily cut and 
pasted to another file for those not wanting to run the 
program for the entire chapter at once.

One important note:  You need the -concord- and -gllamm-
user-written additions to run the do-files.  Both of
these programs are specified in the do-files.  Specifically,
you need the -gllamm- that is at least as new as the one
published in the Stata Journal 2(1): 1--21 (highly recommended
reading); this version has an adaptive quadrature routine 
for estimating random effects models that we specify in 
the do-files.

The Stata Bookstore has a link for the datasets used in the
book, but not this archive.  

 -- James

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