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st: RE: posting on behalf of Jill Huppert

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Subject   st: RE: posting on behalf of Jill Huppert
Date   Thu, 3 Oct 2002 11:37:07 -0400

We have also looked into the differences between the two.  There is a
difference between SUUDAN and Stata in that Stata only incorporates the PSUs
and not any secondary units (I think manual states this).  The reason is
that most of the variability is assumed to be in the primary stage.

If you plan to delve into this deeply, you need to get the book by Levy and
Lemeshow, "Sampling of Populations: Methods and Applications" (check the
Stata bookstore).  The authors not only explain complex sampling designs,
but they also run their analyses using both Stata and Suudan, discussing the

Paul Visintainer

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Subject: st: posting on behalf of Jill Huppert

Hi, Statlisters.
I hope you can help.
I have been exploring a publically avail dataset (NHAMCS), which includes 
all weighting variables, and their documentation says I should be able to 
get accurate estimates and SE using STATA.
However, my statistical colleague uses SUDAAN. I have been able to match 
her point estimates, but not SE.
We discovered that she uses many more weighting variables in SUDAAN than 
STATA requires.

So my command looks like:

pweight: patwt
PSU: psum

xi: svylogit outcome var1 var 2 i.var1*var2 patwt, str(stratm1) 
psu(psum)sub(sample) or

Wheras in SUDAAN, Jane uses all of the following:
 stratm psum subfile prostrat su poppsum popsu popvism popprovm
( and sets levels)

Am I missing the finite pop ct variable? (fpc)
Anyone else use STATA for NHAMCS?

Can Stata handle interaction terms in svy data?

Many thanks.
Jill Huppert

Christopher F Baum, Boston College Economics, Chestnut Hill MA 02467 USA             
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