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st: about gini

From   "Ye Xu" <>
Subject   st: about gini
Date   Thu, 03 Oct 2002 11:02:43 +0000


What I want to do is to compute an index of land inequality
at the regional level. Let's call the region a district.
I start out with household (hh) level data (and each hh has an ID, "oldhhid").
for each hh, I know the amount of land owned in acres (this
goes from zero to some large number).
each hh lives in a district (a region) and in my data this
is identified by the ID "iddist".
I want to find inequality in land-distribution within each
I have already checked stata's ado file listthere is a program that calculates the gini coefficient.
but if I use it direclty on household data I will get
1 gini coeff for the whole of data. I want a different
gini coeff for each district. (ie I want gini (or inequality)

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