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Re: st: logistic regression

Subject   Re: st: logistic regression
Date   Thu, 3 Oct 2002 11:51:09 +0200


logit prop1 conc inc

if you are willing to assume that the independent variables have a linear
effect on the dependent variable, or

xi: logit prop1 i.conc

if you will examine if the linearity assumtion holds.


Christer Thrane
Lillehammer College

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Hello statalisters,

Could anybody tell me how I would treat the following problem,

I am using logistic regression to calculate the relationship between a
dependent variable (prop1) and two catagorical variables (conc and inc).
There are no other variables.  Conc takes the values 1,2,...,8 and inc
the values 1,2,3.  Any advice on the syntax would be most appreciated, or
pointers towards literature.

Thank you in advance,

Christopher D Fergusson
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