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st: Re: exporting graphs in xstata

From (Alan Riley)
Subject   st: Re: exporting graphs in xstata
Date   Wed, 02 Oct 2002 14:33:28 -0500

Gene Fisher ( wrote
> I'm using stata in Linux now.  It works very well, but I don't find any
> provision for copying graphs to the clipboard or saving them to a file
> in other than gph format.  I would like to insert a graph into a Star
> Office document.  I checked the FAQ's but could find nothing.  I wonder
> how xstata users port their graphs into documents.

Windows and MacOS have strong concepts of application-independent
vector graphics clipboard formats.  Windows has the WMF (Windows
metafile) format and Mac OS has the PICT format.

The closest thing to such a standard in the Unix world is an
encapsulated PostScript file (EPS).  Stata for all operating
systems can produce EPS files with the -translate- command.
EPS is more than just a vector format; PostScript is its whole
own "little" language.

In StarOffice, if you pull down Insert--Graphics--From File
you should be able to select EPS as the filetype and import
a Stata graph that you have -translate-d to EPS format.

StarOffice likely is not up to interpreting the EPS code,
but will show you a rectangular outline of where the graph
is, and will send it along to your PostScript printer when
you print the document.

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