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st: Cannot update Stata using 'update' function

From   "Drury, Alfred C." <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Cannot update Stata using 'update' function
Date   Mon, 30 Sep 2002 07:43:01 -0500


I am using Stata on a Windows XP Pro (SP1) with a T-Base/100 connection
through my university.  I have all of the recent patches for Windows.
When I try to use the update query command (or a net search), I am
either told the connection timed out or
red+probit could not be opened for read by copytextfile" (this is after
several minutes of trying).

I am not using a firewall or a proxy server, nor is my university (I
asked).  I have administrative privileges on my machine, and I used to
be able to log on as "Administrator" and the update would work--it
doesn't any longer.  My colleague can use this function on his Win98
machine, so I don't think it's the university network.  This seems like
problem from one of the security patches Microsoft released, but I'm
only guessing.

Has anyone else had this problem?  Any and all help would be greatly


A. Cooper Drury
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211-6030
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