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st: Re: constraint for mlogit

From   "Hannah Kewsberry" <>
Subject   st: Re: constraint for mlogit
Date   Fri, 27 Sep 2002 04:50:30 +0000

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your prompt attentions to my question. I would like to constraint income (just one estimate) for all choices because I want to see by including income as an endogenous variable in the multinomial logit equation, what effect will it be on other coefficients for the different choices.

I have tried using command such as the following to constsraint my income:

constraint define 1 [transport]income=0
mlogit transport age distance status income, constraint (1)

The response given take income as 0 for the above command, and the rest worked perfectly. What I want now is how can I come up with a command that will constraint income like as if it is a constant, rather than 0.

This equation is slightly more complex than usual, and I hope to hear suggestions. Thanks.



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