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st: -ttest- (repost)

From   Constantine Daskalakis <>
Subject   st: -ttest- (repost)
Date   Thu, 26 Sep 2002 20:12:37 -0400

I am not sure whether my previous message on -ttest- got posted or not (did not receive any replies on what seemed a simple comment)...

It seems that the default -ttest- (equal variances assumption) and the -ttest- with the option 'unequal' give the same test statistic. It appears that the first one is in error (ie, does not use the pooled estimator). Can someone confirm?

(the -ttesti- seems to be fine)



Constantine Daskalakis, ScD
Assistant Professor,
Biostatistics Section, Thomas Jefferson University,
125 S. 9th St. #402, Philadelphia, PA 19107
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