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Re: st: RedHat 7.3 and stata

From   Henrik Støvring <>
Subject   Re: st: RedHat 7.3 and stata
Date   Thu, 26 Sep 2002 13:28:48 +0200

Pete Huckelba wrote:
I am not certain why Henrik removed the library, but Stata
will infact run with the libncurses.5 library on RedHat 7.3.


Maybe it is due to my incapacities in Linux, but I just did a clean install and update of RedHat 7.3 last week. I did not explicitly remove (but maybe the RedHat update did without my knowledge - ie. the problem I pointed out). I think this is supported by the following:

# rpm --list -q ncurses-5.2-26 | grep
# rpm --list -q ncurses-5.2-26 | grep libncurses

To me this implies that the file is not part of ncurses-5.2-26 package(?) Now it might have worked, as Pete suggested, to just create a symbolic link to, but I do think this is quite beyond what an ordinary user should be asked to do, and I would still consider it a problem for either Stata or RedHat.

Further, I am wondering what the motivation for providing a specific package for backwards compatibility (ncurses4-5.0-5.i386.rpm) could be, if this backwards compatibility was also present in ncurses-5.2-26?



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