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st: RE: RE: Programming function keys on key board to do STATA functions

From   "Ganesh, Saravana" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Programming function keys on key board to do STATA functions
Date   Thu, 26 Sep 2002 10:51:31 +0100

>I have no idea whether this is the right season for wish lists, I live
>in a country where one is allowed wish lists at any time.
>I would gladly see in ... <snip>

I use 2 editors in Windows. Very often I copy (control C) then paste 
(Control v) to the Stata editor. But to "do current file" in the Stata 
editor I have to pick up the mouse and find the do button. It would be
to have another Control + key command to "do current file".
allow a function key to be programmed to do this task.

In answering this wish of Fred, I always follow this method...
After doing the codes in the do file I  save it using CTRL + S. 
Then I use ALT + TAB to go Stata's editor window and type do x, x being
the name of the do file I just saved. It helps if I save the do file
with a small name. Maybe there are other quick ways of doing it, but I
find it useful especially when my hand refuses to go to the mouse. 
It would be great though to have a function key programmed to do this or
have a quick CTRL+key command.
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