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st: Re: unhelpful error message for simul

From (Roberto G. Gutierrez, StataCorp.)
Subject   st: Re: unhelpful error message for simul
Date   Tue, 24 Sep 2002 17:32:31 -0500

Gabi Huiber <> asks: 

> I'm trying to run the simulation on p. 15 of the 'Introduction to Survival
> Analysis Using Stata' by Cleves & al. In response to

> simul genfail, reps(1000)

> I get

> Obs. nos. out of range
> r(198);
> and I'm stumped. Can anybody help me?

Rather than speculate as to the cause, if Gabi would email me privately with 
the output of 

  . program list genfail

or post the output to the list, I'll be glad to take a closer look.  

If I had to speculate, then I would say within the program -genfail- Gabi has

  . replace t = ... in 2/1

instead of 

  . replace t = ... in 2/l

Note the last character.  It is the letter "l" for last, not the number "1".

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