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st: constraint estimates

From   "Hannah Kewsberry" <>
Subject   st: constraint estimates
Date   Fri, 20 Sep 2002 15:56:40 +0000

Hi Stata List:

As suggested, I have tried looked up for templates (re: help 'mlogit')
to constraint my earnings estimates in multinomial logit situations.
However, the 'invalid syntax' still keep repeating on my screen.

So, again I am posting my hypothetical example and hoping to get more responses and suggestions from the list:
Dependant variable: PAR
Independent variables: edu, race, earn1, earn2, earn3.
If I want to constraint estimates of my earn variables only, ie.

What's the appropriate command I shall be using in the multinomial
logit situation?

I have tried template such as:

cons def 1 (par)earn1=earn2
cons def 2 (par)earn2=earn3
mlogit par edu race earn*, cons (1-2)

However, the response I have received is either 'invalid syntax' or earn* is completely 'dropped' from the multinomial logit equation. I am really hoping anyone who have been working on 'constraint' issues could share some their experiences with me, and better if you could offer some suggestions.

Thanks again.



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