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st: New release of dataentry program EpiData (which exports data to Stata) and EpiC Command Processor

From   "Jens M. Lauritsen" <>
Subject   st: New release of dataentry program EpiData (which exports data to Stata) and EpiC Command Processor
Date   Thu, 19 Sep 2002 20:30:54 +0200

Version EpiData 2.1b has been released with many new features. You can see
a complete list on Http://

If you do not know EpiData a 4 page summary is found at:

EpiData is freeware and works in windows32 flavours (win9x, winnt, xp etc.)
plus on other systems that runs emulators. The complete system is 1.2 Mb
download. EpiData works as a single exe file and all parameters are kept in
an ini file (not in registry). 

Major points in the new version: Execute  external programs during
dataentry (e.g. a viewer passing file name in a field), color settings can
be defined for dataentry screens,  if violating a key unique you are
offered to jump to the record (single value autosearch), enhancements to
the relate system and other enhancements. 

EpiC is a command line program (cmd/bat/batch) which you typically use for
import, export, consistency checks, revise datafiles etc. that you do many
times on the same data. EpiC also supports zip and unzip plus encryption
and decryption of files. (Zip and decrypt) only in a testversion.

Read more on this in:   Http://

It should be underlined, that the data file formats are still the same. The
only change is that now EpiData can also create datafiles with
field/variable names of length 10. Before v2.1b EpiData could read such
files but not create them.

EpiData fits in nicely (In my view) as the dataentry and datadocumentation
tool for use before one performs the analysis in Stata. 

Should you find any bugs or problems with the new versions do not hesitate
to report on or by mail to    

The new version will also be available from the SSC archives within some
Jens M. Lauritsen, Consultant,MD. PhD.
Accident Analysis Group, Odense University Hospital, 
Odense, Denmark e-mail:
Initiator of EpiData, see for DataEntry in windows (EpiInfo
V6 principle)
For news on Epidata, sign on at:
Phone +45 6541 2293 Mobile +45 2173 2293 fax: +45 6613 6581 
*   For searches and help try:

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