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Re: st: about outreg or how to get the results out?

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   Re: st: about outreg or how to get the results out?
Date   Sun, 08 Sep 2002 18:20:43 +0100

At 23:09 06/09/02 -0400, Jingtao Wu wrote:
Dear Statalist members,

I need to get the regression results into a table. The things is that I have 60 regressions to report in one table. So the outreg command will not work. I want to know is there another way to do this? Thank you very much.
Part of a solution might be the -parmest- package, downloadable from SSC. Type -findit parmest-, -net search parmest- or -ssc describe parmest- to find out more.

The -parmest- package contains two programs, -parmest- and -parmby-, which save the results of a regression analysis as a Stata data set with 1 observation per parameter, or 1 observation per parameter per by-group, and data on the parameter names, estimates, confidence limits, P-values, and many more things if the user asks for them. Once the user has a data set for each of the 60 regressions, then s/he can concatenate them into one long data set using -dsconcat- (also downloadable from SSC) and then create plots and tables of the CIs and/or P-values. The -listtex- package, also downloadable from SSC, can be useful if the user wishes to produce an output text file containing the rows of a table for insertion into a TeX, HTML or Word document. An introduction to what can be done with -parmest- is given in my presentation to the 2002 UK Stata Users' Meeting, downloadable in PDF format from

I hope this helps.


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