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st: derivatives using _me_derb

From   "Mike Will" <>
Subject   st: derivatives using _me_derb
Date   Fri, 06 Sep 2002 00:36:02 -0500

Hi Stata-Listers,

I am having trouble using _me_derb (dF/dB). Here is my syntax:
logit y x1 x2 x3
matrix X=(1, 0.5, -0.9, 1.2)
_me_derb X 4 predopt lny
di r(dmdb)

Here I am trying to take the derivative of (1/(1+(exp(XB))^(-1)), or predicted probability with respect to B with the X matrix of (1, 0.5, -0.9, 1.2). As no help file is available for this ado file, I am getting error message whihc is of little informative value. Any input? thanks in advance.


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