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        outdat[varlist] using filename [, replace type(packagelist)] nostring


outdat writes data to a disk file in ASCII format, a format that can be read 
by other programs.  To read the data into other programs you need a data 
dictionary, which is also produced by outdat.

The ASCII file written by outdat is called filename with the extension dat. 
The data dictionary is also called filename, but with the extension for the 
data dictionary of the specific software you want to use.  If you want to use 
SPSS, for example, the dictionary is called filename.sps.

To transfer data to a SQL-Database outdat creates a file, containing the SQL 
INSERT instructions to load each row into a preexisting table. The name of 
this table is the filename without the path of the file. That is, using 
~/path/to/file/xyz implies "xyz" as the name for the table. To produce 
SQL-Tables check out the option create.

It must be noted that some Stata features (long variable names, case 
sensitivity, etc.) cannot be handled in all packages. You may use rename 
before executing outdat for such data. But also note that it is easy to edit 
the dictionary to fit more specific requirements of the software to which you 


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