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st: Saved results, Fitstat and Outreg

From   Philip Stevens <>
Subject   st: Saved results, Fitstat and Outreg
Date   Fri, 28 Jun 2002 11:39:19 +0100

Dear Statalisters

I am currently having some trouble getting some things into
my output text file from -outreg- and this brought up a more
general question about saved results.

-Outreg- allows one to put additional statistics, eg
e(r2_p), into the output text table using the -addstat-
option, including F-tests run after the regression. My
problem is with additional test statistics that save results
as matrices. In my example I use -fitstat- to get some
additional test statistics (say for sake of argument I am
interested in McKelvey and Zavoina's R2). My immediate
question is how do I get -outreg- to include this. I have
tried extracting a 1*1 matrix with this in from the saved
matrix from -fitstat-, but this does not work.
It appears that the "saved results" matrices created by
Stata after regressions are a different type of object to
"normal" matrices. Is this true?

My specific question is: how do I get test scores from
fitstat into outreg?
My general question is: what is the difference between
"saved results"-type matrices and those created by -matrix-

kind regards

Philip Stevens

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