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Re: st: make a program byable

From   "Katsuhide Isa" <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: make a program byable
Date   Tue, 25 Jun 2002 23:53:33 +0900

To Gary:

> See -help byable- or the manual: [P] byable
> Your program is missing a -marksample- or -mark- command, the means 
> by which a -byable(recall)- program keeps track of and restricts to each
> by-group.

Thank you for your advice.
Though I read the explanation of -byable- in the programming 
manual, I failed to notice the commands you mentioned 
(-marksample-,-mark- or -syntax- ).
As a novice of Stata programming, your commnets helped 
me a lot. Of course, your sample programs worked alright.

To Nick:

> Two other comments are that 
> sd / mean 
> is the definition of coefficient of variation in the literature 
> I have encountered and that 

You're right. Thank you for your correction.
I'm embarrased to make such a careless mistake...
> egen mean = mean(basepay), by(year) 
> egen sd = sd(basepay), by(year) 
> gen cv = sd / mean 
> tabdisp year, c(cv) 
> gets you there interactively

-tabdisp- is surely handy in displaying the results more 


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