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Re: st: posting a long list

From   Antoine Terracol <>
Subject   Re: st: posting a long list
Date   Mon, 24 Jun 2002 17:51:19 +0200

I've been trapped by the "80 chars limit" many times before learning the trick.
You must append each name to the existing macro without the "=" sign:

local list ""
local i=1
while `i'<=100 {
local list "`list' `i'" <<< no "=" sign
local i=`i'+1

di "`list'"

Hope this helps,


Hello - I'm trying to use -postfile- to post a long list of names stored in
a macro (I tried both local and global). When I try to build this macro by
appending each name, one at a time, it refuses to exceed 80 characters in
1. Is there a way to make a macro longer than 80 characters?

2. Is there a way to use postfile to get around this, say by repeated
postfile commands?


Al Feiveson
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