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st: tobit with changing censor pts

From   "Janet S. Netz" <>
To   "StataList" <>
Subject   st: tobit with changing censor pts
Date   Sat, 22 Jun 2002 16:53:34 -0400

I have a series of observations that are censored in two ways:  if an
observation is censored, it may be censored from below or censored from
above (I observe which type of censoring occurs).

I cannot use the regular tobit command, because it requres that there be the
same censoring point for each observation.  (That is, it calls for a number
parameter.)  For each censored observation, the censor point varies (again,
I observe what the censor point is).

Is there a command out there to estimate this?

Thanks -- Janet


Janet S. Netz            339 E. Liberty St., Suite 330
Founding Partner         Ann Arbor, MI  48104
ApplEcon LLC             (734) 213-1930 x13

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